Money Saving Mondays - DIY Valentine's Day Idea

Valentine's Day is just 8 days away. I still haven't figured out what I want to do for my husband to celebrate. It's a little harder when it's on a week night, like this year. If you're still looking for some ideas, here are my favorite DIY ideas from the web so far.

I will start with a creation of my own. This is the game of Loveopoly that I made last year for Valentine's Day. I got the idea from another blogger, but her blog is unfortunately private now. The main idea is that you draw out the squares of the board and name the properties places you have been with your spouse/significant other. I made the railroads our vehicles instead (car, truck, dirt bike, longboard). Instead of passing GO, that square was labeled HOME and JAIL was THE DOGHOUSE instead. It was a great way to personalize one of our favorite games. 

I love the idea of making cutesy, custom labels for your bottled beverages. You could come up with some perfectly cheesy lines to add to your labels. 

If you are coffee people, why not try these super cute Je'Taime coffee sleeves. How cute would it be to surprise him/her in the morning with personalized cups?

Even if you don't have the time or the funds to make Valentine's Day a big production, you can make it a special night with custom invitations to a movie night. I am loving this free printable! You can use it any time of the year. 

I have seen this idea many places, but this one is my favorite. I love the design and the use of the rings to hold the deck together. Why not show off all the reasons you are still crazy for him/her. 

This gift is sure to be memorable. Not only are you taking the time to write out the whole story, you are giving your partner the chance to choose how your time is spent together. I love the idea of the Lotto cards. Nothing like a little piece of chance to spice up the night! 

There are so many other great ideas out there right now. What are you planning for the big Love Day? 


Katie said...

Great ideas! I so wish we weren't studying for the bar this year over Valentine's Day. I've got no time to do something special like this, but I'm keeping some of them in my brain for next year!

2littlehooligans said...

that is so cute with the game! im having a custom drawing done of the state of nh with all of our most memorable moments and the location of our first date, house, wedding and such drawn onto the state. we have a love for maps and thought this would be a great little gift for the hubby and a great way to dress up our bare walls.

Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla said...

Oh, I looove the coffee cups and the idea wiv the date night invitations!Keep on goin´with ur blog, really like it!

xxx Lizzy