White Chili With Ground Turkey

Last night we tried out a recipe for White Chili With Ground Turkey. It turned out super yummy! I bought ground turkey on sale the other day. We used it for turkey burgers with homemade guacamole on everything bagels. YUM! But you know what the best part about making this chili was?

I got to use some of my newly frozen cheese! The recipe called for two cups of monterey jack cheese, so I just dumped in the bag. You can see it melting into the pot of goodness. 

I will say that I changed up the recipe a little. I only made half, since there are only two of us, and I didn't know if we would like it enough to want 8 servings. I used 2 cans of beans and only pureed half of one can. I amped up the spices a lot more than it called for. I found it a bit bland with their measurements. I also added the full 2 cups of cheese instead of cutting it in half. I love me some cheese! 

If you're a chili fan, you should definitely give this one a try!

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Katie said...

I almost always up the spices on chili/soup recipes that I find online. They're always bland for my taste - don't know what that's about.

This looks delicious!