Awesome and Unique Planters

Now that you have your seed starter kits all planned out, you need somewhere to transplant your seedlings to! Check out these awesome and unique planter ideas.


Andrew Salomone @ Craftzine
This tackle-box planter is so fantastic! It just makes me happy to look at. This could make a great gift for someone who loves to fish. 

Shoe Organizer

Pippa5 @ Instructables
What a clever way to separate your herb garden! The fact that it hangs vertically is also great for people with limited space. 

Lego Planter Box

Daddy-O Joe @ Flikr
Why not build your own planter box to whatever size you need? With Legos you can create virtually any planter box you can imagine!

Cowboy Boot

Napa Style

This cowboy boot is for sale as a planter, but why not get your hands on an old cowboy boot from a thrift store? The best part is, you will have a pair to make awesome planters with. 

Pallet Planter

Life on the Blacony
Crafty folks everywhere are using pallets for just about everything. This has to be one of my favorite ideas yet. Not only does it look great, it saves on space for those of us who are renting or forced to deal with limited gardening space. 

Stacked Galvanized Tubs

Vintage Wren

If you're sticking with the original style planters, why not add a twist and stack them for a visually appealing and fun garden. 

What else do you plant your little seedling babies in? 


2littlehooligans said...

those are fabulous ideas! we always plant directly into our gardens but those would be great for my flowers. thanks! glad to see you back and your feeling better:)

Lot said...

what a great post, too bad my garden is the park at the back of the house that the council takes care of ;)