DIY Seed Starter Kits From Recycled Materials - Money Saving Monday

It's that time of year again. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and our gardens are begging to be planted. Those little purchases here and there in the gardening center can really add up, so why not save a few bucks and make your own seed starters this year.

5 DIY Seed Starter Kits From Recycled Materials

Egg Cartons

The Single Saver
This one is a classic. If you've never seen someone use an egg carton for a seed starter, you are missing out. They are already nicely divided for you, and function exactly like the divided trays you get at the store. 


NaturalCulture @ Instructables
If using the egg carton wasn't creative enough for you, why not try using the actual eggshells? Not only does this look really awesome, you can just pop these babies into the ground or larger containers when they are ready. The shells add nutrients to the soil to help your plants grow. 

Toilet Paper Tubes

Big Plans Little Victories
If you have a big family it won't take you long to save up enough toilet paper tubes to start your seeds in. You can always cut your paper towel tubes in half, too! 

Paper Mache Cups

Garden of Discovery
I find this idea especially fun. There is just something about constructing little cups for your seeds to go in that makes me feel more connected to the whole growing process. Maybe I'm a little weird, or maybe I just like playing with messy stuff! 

Yogurt Cups

Using yogurt cups is especially smart if you need various sizes for your plants. You can use single serve sizes for some individual plants and the larger tubs for multiple seeds or plants that take up a lot of space. 

I hope these ideas have given you Spring Fever! Some of you might live in areas where your gardens are already planted. I am jealous! If you haven't, why not give these ideas a try. They are sure to save you a buck or two and make you feel good about repurposing the things we throw away. 

- - Happy Gardening! - -

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Katie said...

Perfect timing! We'll be setting up our garden sometime in the next few weeks.