John Rotellini's Tourpocalypse Show

This week I had the chance to see a friend perform a fantastic show for our little town. You see, John Rotellini is a magician! How often do you get to say you are friends with an actual magician? He isn't just your card tricks and rabbits in hats type of magician. His show was almost entirely audience participation, which kept an exciting buzz going the whole time. Everyone was nervous or excited to be chosen to go on stage. 

Considering he could easily read any mind, no secret inside your head was safe from the audience. If that's not enough to make you nervous, just know that he also threw knives at people! Just when you thought he had made a mistake or that you had figured it all out, he would whip out a mind-blowing surprise for his eager audience. It truly made me feel like a little kid again, in awe of the impossible magic in front of me. 

There was a great mix of people in the audience. This wasn't any little kid's birthday party magic show. Being in a college town, we saw a lot of college age adults in the crowd, but there were older adults and quite a few kids, too. Every age was entrapped by this world of magic.  

Please excuse the poor photo quality.

It was so fun to see new audience members go up on stage for every stunt and trick of the show. Some of the participants thought they could outsmart John, but he always got them in the end!

Here John is showing us his amazing ability of heightened senses when he is blindfolded. That's a steel blindfold over his eyes, and there was duct tape under that! 

It was such an amazing show, and I feel like I experienced something unique. John has already worked with big names and famous faces. I know he has big things in his future, and I feel honored to have been at one of his small town shows in the beginning of what will surely be a fantastic career. To learn more about John's magic and the shows of his Tourpocalypse, please visit the John Rotellini website

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