Pull Apart Garlic Bread

I make a big effort to actually try the recipes I put on my food board on Pinterest. I was in charge of bringing bread to an Easter dinner we shared with friends. It was the perfect opportunity to try this delicious looking bread from Spoiled Much.

Here's how mine turned out.

It tasted SO good! I will be making this bread again and again. It is sure to become a staple in our home. It tasted similar to delicious breadsticks, but with a light and fluffy texture.

Our friends loved it so much they ate the rest of it for breakfast the next day! It was completely worth the time and effort it took to make. Get the recipe here


Jessica Brauer said...

That stuff is UH-MAZING!That's about all there is to say about it. Besides the fact that it makes you lose all control and eat it handfuls at a time.

Crystal said...

Love this! Glad you enjoyed it. ♥