My Weekend With Black Mold

Recently Sam and I have both been waking up feeling congested with sore throats and headaches. We thought we were just getting colds, but it seemed to be the worst in the morning and then almost better by the end of the day. Well, today I discovered the disgusting source of our misery.

There was an abundance of black mold growing behind our bed on the wall. EEWWW!!! I read about the best ways to get rid of it online, and was grossed out to learn that it can cause some serious health issues. After covering the surrounding surfaces with plastic, I proceeded to get to work with some bleach water and a dust mask. 

excuse the poor quality
Let me tell you, it was not a pleasant experience. After scrubbing the walls down and tossing all rags and the brush I used to clean it, I felt like I needed to be power washed clean. The window is open, and there is a fan drying the wall out, so I hope we can rid ourselves of this disgusting problem. 

We use a humidifier in our room every night, partially for the white noise and partially because it's so dry here, but I guess our home just doesn't have the air flow needed to keep the moisture levels down. We won't be using it again, that's for sure. Hopefully this will solve the mold issue. 

What did you do with your Saturday? 


Crystal said...

That is scary! I hope you get it all cleaned. We had a similar issue with a leak in the roof.

2littlehooligans said...

oh my goodness! i wonder if that is why you were sick for so long and had a hard time getting over it? glad you found it and hope it stays away!!

Anonymous said...

My first year of marriage, we lived in a little duplex where the mold grew back weekly behind our dresser - no matter what I did to get rid of it! I used to bleach the walls on a weekly basis, whether it needed it or not, though it usually did. Be sure to check your walls often once you know where the mold likes to grow, because it likes to come back to the same places!