Washer & Ribbon Bracelet - Money Saving Monday

I have seen several tutorials for making washer necklaces with ribbon, so I thought why not try to make a bracelet in the same way?

I used the tutorial from Tiny Sparkly Things to make my bracelet. It was quick and easy, and most importantly, it was super CHEAP! These washers were only 10 cents a piece.

Despite the low cost, this bracelet makes a bold statement. 

The bow adds an element of cuteness to the industrial feeling of the washers. 

Head over to Tiny Sparkly Things for the DIY tutorial. What else can you make with washers? Come back tomorrow to see my version of the washer necklace!

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Vanessa Dilly said...

LOVE this! I've been wanting to make my own bracelets. I used to wear many at a time but somewhere along the way I've seemed to have misplaced them. Sigh! Very cute!