BarkBox July

We recently signed up with a website called BarkBox. It's a monthly subscription service for your dog! I love this idea, because we love to spoil our fur baby, but often end up getting him his old favorites all the time. This is a way to try out new, high quality products. I also love that they give 10% of the proceeds to rescue groups.

July was our first month getting a BarkBox, so I wasn't quite as prepared with the camera as I should have been. I realized after Riley tore into his new treats and toys that I should have taken better photographs. Next time!

For this month, I just tried to put everything back in its packaging to give you a good idea of what it looked like when we first got it.

YumZies by NootieThese soft treats are zero grain and all natural. They have a BBQ flavor, and are made in the USA. 

Riley is weird when it comes to treats. Until he decides he likes something he is vary wary about it. I wasn't sure at first if we would be keeping these treats or donating them to his doggie BFF, Jeorge. (Jeorge will eat anything!) Riley sniffed at them and had to be encouraged to take a bite. Once he ate the first one, he was good to go. Much begging followed.

The Spinz Bone by Precision Pet - This gluten-free bone is the first interactive dog chew toy that's fully edible. It promotes healthy teeth, and is flavored like peanut butter. 

Riley has never, ever eaten something flavored like peanut butter. He sticks his nose up at it every time, so I wasn't hopeful when I gave him the Spinz bone. To my surprise he started licking it and stuck one end in his mouth. It must really taste awesome if he's going to go for it!

Unfortunately, one thing I was surprised about is how easily he chewed up the bone. Since it was called a chew toy I thought it would be a little tougher. He chewed through one end pretty quickly. I do think it works at his gums and the plaque on his teeth, so I'm okay with it. I was just a little surprised at how fragile it was.

Incredibubbles by Pet Qwerks - These bubbles are pet and child safe and can really take a beating before popping.

The description that came with the bubbles says you'll have fun watching your pup chase them around the yard. This should have clued me in to the fact that these are an outside toy. Being super excited and anxious to try them out, I blew them in my living room. Bad idea. They are pop-resistant, which means they leave a little film behind. It's not particularly sticky, but it did mean I was searching the surfaces of my living room for little bubble pieces. On the upside, Riley really loved chasing them around and even ate a few.

Poopy Packs by Metro Paws - Look stylish while cleaning up after your pup. 

I don't have a lot of experience with doggie doo bags. I usually have a few old grocery bags on hand, and our dog park has donated bags available. I am very excited to try these. They seem to be well constructed. I like how compact and colorful they are.

T-Bone Steak by Petprojekt - This squeaky toy is made from durable non-toxic material. Now your doggie can enjoy summer BBQs too. 

I can't say enough good things about this toy! It was a huge hit with Riley. He went nutso after he heard the squeaker. I couldn't get it out of the package fast enough. Speaking of the package... this doggie T-Bone came packaged just like a real one. The cellophane wrapper was complete with barcode and label, while the toy rested on a black plastic tray. Riley really gave this thing a beating and the squeaker has stayed in good condition. The toy itself is holding up very well. This was definitely the star of this month's BarkBox.

PetFlow Coupon - A $10.00 off coupon for a purchase of $40 or more to the website pet 

I haven't used the coupon, but I did browse the PetFlow website. They have an amazing selection of dog food and treats, including many natural and holistic brands. I especially love that you can set up a delivery schedule so that buying dog food isn't one more thing you need to remember.

Overall I am so pleased with BarkBox. The packaging of all the items was great. I didn't expect to receive full size items, and I love the wide variety they sent. There were treats and toys and even things for me to use. You can learn more about how to sign your dog up here.

Riley and I can't wait for next month! Does the idea of a monthly doggie goodie box sound fun to you?

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