Ribbon Weave Chain Necklace

I recently thrifted this gold chain necklace for $3.50. In order to give it a new life I weaved a light teal ribbon through the links and added a vintage brooch. Here's how you can make your own.

1. Gather your chain and ribbon. You will want a ribbon that's the same on both sides in case your necklace or your ribbon twists. 2. If your chain has a clasp, start by weaving one end of the ribbon up through a link next to the clasp. If there is no clasp, you can start anywhere. 3. Continue weaving your ribbon in and out of the links until they meet up at your clasp. My necklace has two clasps attaching an extension piece, so I joined my ribbons in the middle of the extension piece. 5. Tie your ribbon in a knot or bow. Be careful not to pull the ribbon too tight when tying or your chain will hang loose. Add any embellishments, such as a brooch pin.

Tying the ribbon at the back is a great method to keep your necklace versatile. You can exchange the ribbon for a new color to match any outfit or whenever the mood strikes. Try it with leather cording or smaller chains for another bold look.

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Kessler said...

this is such a great idea and its such a classy look!