Becoming Sister Wives Book Review

I enjoyed this book because it taught me more about this fascinating family. I have seen most of the television show Sister Wives, and I was naturally curious about the more practical side of things, like who does the laundry and how are the finances handled. I wanted to know more about a lifestyle that is different from my own, and this book fulfilled that wish.

I tried to be as uncritical as I could with the writing, they aren't novelists after all, but there were a few places that were hard to get into. The book is split into separate sections for each wife and for Kody. I liked some of the writing styles better than others, but I did appreciate that you could really hear each wife's voice coming through. Their personalities were definitely present. 

The best part of this book was seeing how incredibly strong these people have been. They are dealing with a tremendous amount of stress every day. They have multiple interpersonal relationships going on between children and adults alike. They have really had to "grow up" and put pettiness behind them. That's not to say they don't have some human insecurities, but they are a great example of how we can all get along and find happiness if we really put in the effort.

I only gave this book four stars, because it was rather difficult to finish. I found myself getting impatient with it and putting it down. However, it did fulfill my expectations of an autobiography. I learned about a family's life from their own perspective, and I can't really give that a grade.

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