Inspirational Quote Sunday - 6

This week has been full of little disappointments. I received a letter in the mail telling me that the dream job I applied for had been filled. They had almost 30 applicants for the job, and weren't able to interview everyone. I can understand their situation, but it was a bummer. Then I learned that my husband my be coming home from work for a few days. This was especially exciting because our anniversary is on Tuesday, and last year we spent it apart. This could be the year we get to be together on our big day! Well, it was not to be. There were many complications with his job and now there isn't enough time to come home before he is moving to a different location to work. So, it looks like he won't be home for another ten days or so.

This quote was especially important for me today, because it's so important to remember positive things when you are feeling down. Maybe I didn't get that job, but there's something else out there waiting for me to rock it. Maybe we don't get to spend the day of our anniversary together again this year, but that day represents a love that's real every single day. More work means more money in the bank and more opportunity to do fun things together later. In the end, I have to remember that these disappointments are only paving the way for bigger and better things ahead!

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