The "I'm So Happy I Got a Job" Post

I was little preoccupied yesterday getting all spiffed up for a job interview. I was pretty nervous, and the whole time I was unsure what the program director was thinking as we talked. I left with mixed feelings about my performance and the impression I had made.

I tried to put the interview out of my mind. I had done all I could do, and it was out of my hands. I grabbed some Taco John's with my best friend and got ready to stuff myself full of a taco bravo when my phone rang. It was the director giving me an official job offer!

I did a little happy dance and accepted the offer right away. I was so excited that my passion and drive had shown through my nervousness. One large employee packet / handbook, one background check, and one TB test later, and I'm just waiting for a phone call to tell me when to start.

So I did it! You're looking at the new support teacher for a 3 year old classroom at one of the most prestigious early learning centers in the state. I can't wait to spend my days learning and exploring through the eyes of innocence and exhausted at night from chasing little ones around all day. I think this is going to be a great addition to my life! 

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Katie said...

So excited for you, Kara!