The Nanny Diaries Book Review

I will admit that I fully indulge the genre of chick-lit, and this book definitely fits in that category. Nan, a college student, works as a nanny part-time (more like full-time!) to pay her rent while finishing her degree. The plot of the story revolves around the wealthy Mr. and Mrs. X who pay Nan to care for their son, Grayer. Unfortunately, Nan ends up doing about a million other things for Mrs. X along the way and doesn't have the backbone to tell her to back off or that she hasn't paid her for three weeks. 

You're brought along this journey with Nan, being disgusted with her at the selfishness of Mrs. X, who spends her days getting facials and shopping but has no time for her own son. You grow attached to Grayer, the amazing four year old she is in charge of. You see the intricate web of lies going on in this Park Avenue group of wealthy women. The most fascinating part is wondering how much of the story is based off of the authors' real experiences being nannies. 

I did have trouble getting into the book at first, but once I understood the voice of the narrator it went quickly, and I mostly enjoyed it. I know they have made this book into a movie, so if you're short on time, perhaps you should just watch that instead. I've heard it's just as good and has a better ending!

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