Bedroom Accents -- Part 1 {Inspiration}

You know when you just get so tired of looking at the same things everyday? The same decorations, the same pictures on the wall, the same paint color... Well living in an apartment makes this even more frustrating. You can't make too many major changes since you don't own the place. Getting creative is a necessity! I was just itching for a new project and "my corner" of the bedroom (meaning the corner where my dresser is with makeup, jewelry, my big mirror, etc.) was the perfect place to spice things up.

After a flooding incident took place in our basement, we had to move everything out of our bedroom with no warning. This meant that everything got jumbled together, and putting it all back in place was the ideal time to make some changes. The storage system for my jewelry just wasn't what I wanted. There isn't enough room for a gorgeous jewelry chest, but I was tired of having a million little baskets and bowls cluttering up my dresser top.

Inspiration #1- New Jewelry Storage

The first major change to my jewelry storage was actually a Valentine's day present. My wonderful husband likes to weld as a hobby, and when he heard I wanted a bracelet holder he was right on top of it. He consulted me for the design and went to work. Here is how it turned out:

 It has been too cold to paint it yet, so for now it is just the metal. I think it looks kind of cool that way. The most important thing is that it functions perfectly. It has saved me so much space and looks awesome!

Inspiration #2- Color Pattern From IKEA

After adding that beauty to my jewelry storage collection I knew I needed to spruce up the rest of my space to make the update complete. I've made two changes to our bedroom accents since then. Here is where I got my color {inspiration}

These are pictures of our duvet cover from IKEA. I absolutely love the colors. Our walls in our bedroom are tan and dark brown. The gray, brown, orange combo is just {to die for}!

What creative ideas do you get when you look at this pattern? Check out part 2 and part 3 of the bedroom accents series to see how I was inspired!

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