Bedroom Accents -- Part 2 {Pop of Color}

Welcome to the Bedroom Accents series. If you haven't seen Part 1 you should go here to see where I got my awesome color {inspiration} for this project.

If you have seen that awesome IKEA duvet cover, you will know that those colors [Orange] , [Brown] , and [Gray] were such a great combination that they had to appear in other spots of the room!

With two small changes, I added a pop of color to my dresser-top and kept the theme of our room tied to those colors.

Among my love for papercrafts and DIY projects is also a love for make-up. I love reading beauty blogs and watching beauty channels on YouTube. Like countless others, I copied this idea to store my make-up brushes. Most people use poly pellets (little plastic floral filler beads) but I chose to use beans. I was worried they would scratch my new Sigma brushes, but it seems they are doing just fine. The beans make them a little dusty, but it wipes right off.

Long story brush containers looked fun as just the clear glass, but they needed a {Pop of Color}. That's where my color inspiration from the duvet cover came in handy!

I have two make-up brush holders, and one of them is square. In fact, it's being re-used from the {Candy Buffet} at our wedding. The only problem with square glass is that ribbon doesn't like to stay put!  : (

I solved this problem by using flat photo-mounting squares! I wanted the ribbon to go across the bottom of the container, so I just positioned the photo squares about where the ribbon would lay.

I should say that since no one sees the back of the brush holder, this worked for me. However, if you are using a see-through ribbon, you might want to use an adhesive method that is a little less obvious. It's totally up to you!

 I just recently added the second brush holder, so I didn't have enough beans for both. Just -imagine- that the square one is full also. *wink*

Once the squares were stuck to the glass and I peeled off the paper and exposed the sticky side, I found the middle of my {ribbon} and stuck it to the mounting squares. 

If you don't press to hard, you should be able to play around and move the ribbon if it's not where you want it.
The next step is the hardest part. I wanted to add two ribbons to my brush holders, but I didn't want to tie them separately. Of course I wanted them tied together! This can be rather difficult when you're working with slippery glass, so if you can, have someone help you.

Trust me... it would have saved a lot of mess-up headaches!

If you must, do it by yourself by just doing the first cross-over -- you don't want the bow yet. Then position your second ribbon on top of the first. You want to make a cross-over with this ribbon on top of the cross-over from the first ribbon.

You could just tie the whole thing with both ribbons together, but I found that doing the first step of the bow separately makes a bigger, bulkier knot -- which I liked! 

 I used one that is a contrasting color and is also smaller than my "background" ribbon. You could use whatever ribbons you want and get creative. I just liked the look of the orange showing around the brown.

I think the {Finished Product} turned out great! They sit on top of my dresser and immediately draw your focus to them. I look for creative inspiration in my everyday world. I focused on colors already present in our room. It only took a few minutes and some cheap materials to turn these plain old brush holders into {beautiful decorations}!

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