Spicy Thai Noodles - From Pinterest

I know that Mondays are usually reserved for Money Saving Monday here on Nest Candy, but I just couldn't find inspiration this week. Instead, I want to share with you a recipe I found on Pinterest and actually made.

The recipe is from A Small Snippet. I love how she shows a picture of each step with the directions but also includes a complete recipe card at the bottom. I must remember that if I ever post any recipes! 

My thoughts about the Spice Thai Noodles: 

It turned out great! As you can see in the picture, we added strips of grilled beef to ours. I marinated them for about 30 minutes in soy sauce. The only complaint I had about this recipe, was the sesame oil seemed a bit overpowering over the other flavors. 

My favorite part:

The bold flavor of cilantro every few bites. Also, we made plain white rice to go with it. I loved mixing it into the noodles for added texture. 

Overall, this is a recipe I would make again. My husband even went back for seconds! 

Have you tried any recipes from Pinterest? How did they turn out? Let me know in the comments below! 

- - Happy Eating! - -

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.:.Queen B..:. said...

Ahhhhhh I LOVE my food board on Pinterest!!! It's definitely saved my butt many times! But I've tried a REALLY good Baked Potato Soup that actually only used two small russet potatoes and then a whole head of cauliflower. Super healthy, super good, and super filling! I also made an Eggnog Pound Cake from a recipe I found on Pinterest. OK, actually, I think i made about 20 loaves last month and took them to my classes and teachers and work....it was a DEFINITE HIT! I also tried a beef stroganoff recipe, it was....different. I'll for sure be making some changes to it, but overall, the concept was good, but the amount of each ingredient was just not quite there. And another favorite was a CAFE RIO PORK SALAD recipe. I ended up making it for my work party which ended up having about 40 people there. No one could tell the difference! Ok, I'll stop rambling! But I LOVE Thai food and am excited to try this!