Yoga Friday

Today was my second yoga class with Jess. It went well. I can't believe how good it feels to stretch and work my muscles.

My favorite position of the day? Sleeping pigeon. Not only did the stretch feel amazing, but the name is pretty good too.

I love the whole lifestyle of simplicity, balance, and vitality that is coupled with yoga. It is great to just stop and breathe and focus on your existence.

Have you ever done yoga?

- - Namaste! - -
(This is said at the end of every yoga class. It roughly means good day, but in yoga is said to mean: The spirit in me recognizes and bows to the spirit in you.)

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Lee said...

I've done some Yoga with my Wii Fit. I really liked it. I need to get things back to where I can start doing that again. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!! :D