Cilantro Lime Flavored Water

Flavored waters are all the buzz these days, especially on Pinterest. I am terrible at drinking enough water, and I find that adding a little flavor helps me get excited about pouring a glass. I am seriously obsessed with Mexican dishes, and cilantro is one of my favorite flavors. Plus, I adore a good ole margarita. With that in mind, I created this amazing cilantro lime flavored water.


Two Limes
1 Bunch of Cilantro
Extra Limes and Cilantro for Garnishing

Take the twisty tie off your bunch of cilantro and pick out any yellow or bad leaves. Throw the bunch into the bottom of your water pitcher. Cut your limes into large slices. Squeeze the juices from each slice into the pitcher and drop them in. Fill the pitcher with ice on top of your cilantro and limes. Fill with water and stir to mix the flavors. Allow to sit for about 30 minutes to really build the best flavor. 

Pour, Garnish, Enjoy! You should probably drink this water within 24 hours of making it or fish out your limes. From my experience, leaving fruits with rinds in the water longer than this gives it a bitter flavor. 

I hope you enjoy this refreshing water and try out your own flavor combinations!

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