Stretch Your Stamps Online Card Class - Money Saving Monday

I am so excited about the online card class called Stretch Your Stamps from my favorite card maker, Kristina Werner, and other great artists.

This class is an interactive, online class that runs from July 9-23. You can read about the difference between interactive and independent classes formats at the class website. I have never taken a class from Online Card Classes, but I am dying with excitement over this one. 

Basically, they will be teaching us how to use one type of stamp in five different ways. There are 11 types of stamps being explored in the class. That's 55 different ways to use stamps! This will really help to stretch the use of those stamps and in turn save money. 

I will be honest, I am sometimes intimidated by the many crafting supplies that are available. I often end up getting discouraged if I don't have all the same supplies that someone else used in a card or scrapbooking tutorial. 

With this class, we can all learn to stretch our materials and learn to use what we have in new ways. It will get the creative juices flowing about how to re-imagine our supplies. That's a lesson I could really use. 

Have you ever taken an online card class? Do you like learning new techniques through videos and blog posts? And probably the most important question... will you be taking this class with me? I hope to see you there! 

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