What I've Learned About Having Full Bangs

I just recently got my bangs cut into a more blunt, full fringe style. I haven't had true bangs since I was really little. I was a little hesitant at first. My hair is naturally curly and I was worried that full bangs wouldn't work for me. With stars like Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry rocking the gorgeous full fringe, I was obsessed. What finally sent me over the edge was Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. Her bangs are so gorgeous. And she wears them with her hair curly/wavy!

I decided that I would never know how I looked with full bangs if I didn't give it a try. And guess what? I LOVE it! 

It has been interesting getting used to having them, and there are a few things I've learned along the way.

1. It will feel weird. If you've never had any bangs, I imagine it will feel weird all over your forehead. However, if you are like me and started out with sideswept bangs, only half of your forehead will feel uncomfortable with hair on it. That was the strangest part for me. I was overly aware of the hair on my right side but not my left. 

2. Styling will be different. This one seems pretty obvious, but you don't realize how much you get into a routine of styling your hair until it's different. It will take some experimenting to get the hang of styling full bangs, especially if you're hair has natural texture like mine does. 

3. You should invest in a spray bottle. If you skip a day between washing your hair (which you should, because it's better for your hair and scalp!) you might need to re-wet your bangs in the morning to style them. This was especially true for me during the first few transitional days when my hair was used to laying in a different way. 

4. You could break out on your forehead. I wish I had been forewarned of this downside to having full bangs. Of course, it makes sense when you think of all the heat and oil that's now getting trapped between your bangs and skin. Make sure to wash your face really well at least daily, and try not to play with your bangs too much (it deposits oil from your hands into your hair). When you work out or participate in any activities where you might sweat a lot, pull your bangs back to let your forehead breath. Your skin should adjust after having bangs for a while, but the adjustment period can be rough. 

5. Not everyone will like them. Just like with any other haircut, there will be people who don't like your new look as much. Maybe they will be super nice about it, but if you run into those not-so-nice people who like to voice their not-so-nice opinions, just remember why you like your new do. For me, I was really unsure at first, but I had to keep reminding myself that the bangs make me feel mysterious and creative. They remind me that I can feel gorgeous without the typical sideswept bangs and long curled locks. They are fun and a little different, which I like. I was just letting my fear of others' opinions get in my way. 

If you turn out to be the one who doesn't like them, then decide what you don't like. Is it the way they are cut? Is it how they feel? Try experimenting with styling techniques and give them at least a week to get used to. If it's the cut, try going back to your stylist and explaining what's going on. Most salons offer bang trims for free. If your bangs are still bumming you out, pin them back or part them on the sides until they grow out. Bangs grow really quickly on most people, and can be styled in many different ways. 

What do you think? Would you ever try full bangs? 


Twist Snag said...

so agree! Just changed to bangs and absolutely LOVE them. I have never gotten so many compliments. They look great on you, wise choice.

Katie said...

They really suit you, Kara.
I tried to do them once - disaster!
My hair is just too thick. They had a mind of their own!